Next day area rug cleaning in Tustin, California.

Today we traveled to Tustin to help our customer move in to a new home. This time the customer has unpacked everything in the house and discovered one area rug that still needed deep cleaning before they lay it out on the floor. So, on a short notice we were able to come over the next day for booking the area rug cleaning in Tustin, California and give it a really deep clean.

High quality synthetic rug cleaning in Tustin, California.

The rug we came to clean was fully synthetic area rug, however, a high quality rug. Synthetic rugs are made of either nylon or polyaster. The same material the carpet in your home is made of. However, when in comes to area rug, the composition of the fiber has a high count in order to give it a much larger durability and strength.Our area rug cleaning in Tustin this time was for a top of the line polyaster area rug. Therfore, we chose the right products in order to give the rug the deepest and most thorough cleaning.

The importance of periodical area rug cleaning in Tustin, California.

Choosing to clean your are rug periodically, just like the carpet in your home is a long term choice with great benefits. Many of us know how attached we get to certain artifacts in our home. Same thing goes with our area rugs. Whether they are more expensive or less expensive, the area rug we have are unique and hard to replace. Therefore, scheduling a periodical area rug cleaning will maintain your special rug in pristine condition and keep it fresh for many years.We have long term experience with all types of rugs including oriental rugs, wool rugs, shag rugs etc.For more information about our area rug cleaning in Tustin, California, please contact Dr. Carpet Irvine.