Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning Orange County, California

We have won many awards for our expertise and customer service for residential carpet cleaning. However, for commercial carpet cleaning it is much harder to be able to get a clear picture about a true professional commercial carpet cleaning service. Typically you can have the person in charge of maintenance, or the office manager calling around for carpet cleaning service. Nevertheless, how can they tell which company is right for you? Well, here we will try to make the job a bit easier for the person in charge of booking the carpet cleaning. Here are some key pointers to pay attention to when scheduling your periodical commercial carpet cleaning in Orange County.

Expert commercial carpet cleaners

If you search for regular carpet cleaning services and read the reviews, you are on the right path. However, how can you tell how much experience a company has with commercial carpet cleaning? It does take both the knowledge and ability to perform the task in the right manner. The ability to tackle a 40,000 sqaure foot office space with carpet over one night could take up to 4-5 technicians. Not every company is equipped to offer that. Especiall when each technician should be an expert in the field as the work is equally divided. In addition, the techs are in charge of the commercial carpet cleaning of their zone.

Best commercial carpet cleaning equipment

In addition to expertise, the equipment to perform a large job of 40,000 sqaure foot or even 100,000 square foot is also a must. Yes, of course anybody can rent equipment and hire hourly waged employees. However, do you believe that the proper cleaning and maintenance could be achieved on your commercial carpet with such approach? We thought so too. Of course you need professional equipment that is the right shape to offer a deeper and better cleaning for your carpet.

Same day commercial carpet cleaning Orange County, California

Yet another major reason to look for the right company is prompt service. Once you have an ongoiong relationship with a commercial carpet cleaning service, they should take care of all your needs. That means that if you have a surprise visit from headquarters, or just a very important customer, and you need an immediate cleaning, your carpet cleaning service should be able to provide it.For much more information about our commercial carpet cleaning Orange County service, please contact Dr. Carpet Irvine.