Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Irvine

 commercial carpet cleaning Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Irvine for all businesses purposes.

Dr. Carpet has over 10 years of experience in keeping your working environment clean and fresh. Whether it is for the comfort of your employees and/or your clients. A clean working environment is known to be more productive altogether. Therefore, we strongly advise to schedule a maintenance meeting with one of our specialists in order to have a recommended commercial carpet cleaning plan. Your office should be treated with no less respect than your home or your car. Actually, your office is the number one priority for representing your product or service. In addition, it is known that in a clean working environment employees are much more productive. Also, they take their job with much more seriousness.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Irvine, Going Into Details.

We can break down the commercial carpet cleaning into two main services, commercial carpet cleaning and industrial carpet cleaning. Each one has a unique set of characters that make the process slightly different and specific.

Commercial carpet cleaning Irvine.

Commercial carpets are famous for their short pile carpet that is very thin and cheaper than the average carpet. In addition, commercial carpets are normally glued down to the floor and have no pad. Therefore, commercial carpet cleaning demands the right experience for treating the carpet right and extracting it properly. Otherwise, in case the carpet stays wet, the dampness might penetrate into the glue. Thus leaving wet looking marks around the carpet and mainly in the high foot traffic areas where heavy treatment is needs.

Industrial carpet cleaning Irvine.

Normally in extremely high foot traffic buildings you will find industrial carpets. Industrial carpet is much thicker and durable than the commercial carpet. Therefore, the industrial carpet can take much higher foot traffic over the years. Meaning, it would last much longer in your office. When we approach an industrial carpet cleaning we can use our heavy duty equipment more freely. Normally, we use a dual carpet cleaning method on your industrial carpet. First, we buffer the entire carpet with strong dirt removing solvents. Then we use our truck mounted steam cleaning system to extract it out. This process will leave your carpet much fresher for a longer time.

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