Office building rug cleaning in Irvine, California.

Mostly office building use commercial mats in order to absorb the majority of the foot traffic going in and out of the building. However, in some office building, for example, health facilities and higher end offices, you can also find area rug. A typical commercial carpet is very plane and covers the majority of the floor. Therefore, the space becomes doll and lacking livelyhood. So, in some offices you will be able to find area rugs placed in lobby area and other sitting areas in order to being in some color. For this instance exactly we were called. An office building rug cleaning in Irvine. In addition, a good maintenance on the rugs in the commercial buildings will improve the room ambiance and reduce allergies as well.

Synthetic rug cleaning in Irvine, CA.

For many years we have been the local rug cleaning professionals. We specialize in natural fiber area rugs such as persian rugs, wool rugs, all type of oriental rugs etc. However,, we also specilzie in synthetic rug cleaning as well. And, in most commercial propoerties you will find synthetic rugs in the main sitting areas as opposed to higher end rugs. The reason is that the high foot traffic in these areas will ruin the natural fiber rugs. Therefore, a beautiful, yet cheaper area rug is need for this case.Therefore, we offer great and thorough rug cleaning solutions for any of your needs. From pet accidents on the rug and heavy spotting and deep cleaning for a truly worn out area rug. This is exactly what we practiced on this rug cleaning in Irvine, CA. Due to the rain lately, lots of mud and dirt were tracked in to this office buildiing, and some found its way to the rug. Therefore, we used a strong potency fomula to remove the stains and bring the life back to this beautiful rug.For more information about our rug cleaning in Irvine, CA, please contact Dr. Carpet Irvine.