It takes years of practice to become sofa cleaning experts.

Not all fabric acts the same when it comes in contact with cleaning products. In addition, some sofas have more delicate upholstery than others. Therefore, a vital factor for a successfull sofa cleaning is undertstanding the needs of the fabric.In addition, some sofa cleaning would require a good scrub of the fabric and the results would be outstanding. However, some upholstery covers must not be agetated as they may look worn out.So, we strongly recommend to have tru sofa cleaning experts cleaning your upholstery at home. Especially if you would like to keep using your sofa in its best condition for many years.

Pet stains removal with sofa cleaning.

Although some of you may not allow your pets on the upholstery, many of you do enjoy relaxing with your pets next to you watching TV. In this case a true deep cleaning would be necessary more often. Moreover, using an anti bacterial agent for the dirt the pet brings from outside is strongly advised. Also, in some cases your pet could even have minor accidents on the sofa. However, pet stains on your sofa are much more difficult to remove in comparison to a carpet cleaning.The typical carpet is much thicker than the upholstery covering most of your sofas. Also, the pad underneath the carpet is much thinner than the one making your sofa so comfortable. Therefore, a much deeper cleaning is needed when approaching your upholstery.Moreover, the ability to oenetrate as many layers as possible of your sofa with our strong anti bacterial formula is a task that takes true expertise. However, we do our best in order to provide adequate solutions to our customers at a time of need. In addition, if necessary we would repeat our process more than once or twice in order to really dig deep into the cushions of your sofa.For more information about our sofa cleaning solutions, please contact Dr. Carpet Irvine