Dr. Carpet is offering UCI carpet cleaning specials for all students, faculty and staff.

If you are a UCI student, faculty or staff, you have probably heard about Dr. Carpet UCI in the past. We have been serving our UCI carpet cleaning specials for over 10 years. We have seen so many of you undergrad students moving in your first apartment. More over, we were there for the times that you finished you grad school and move away for your first big time job. We know how tough it is to be a student, the high cost of living combined with the endless hours of school work. You never find the time to work and support a luxurious lifestyle. Therefore, we saw the need to help you with what we can – UCI carpet cleaning specials.We constructed a carpet cleaning service that is tailored to the common needs of our UCI customers. Mostly, what we have noticed that you need is high foot traffic areas and many spills. Yes, it is quite common to find beer and other drinks spills on your carpet. UCI is known for the fun get together parties over the weekend. In addition, many smoke hookah, which leaves burnt marks on your carpet as well. However, for that carpet repair would be the solution.

Our UCI carpet cleaning specials in details.

So, after all this introduction to our carpet cleaning services and offer, what do we offer? We offer an addition 10% discount on all of our coupons. Please visit our carpet cleaning coupons page in order to see our daily offering for all Dr. Carpet Customers. So, in addition to our great specials, we offer an additional 10% off for our carpet cleaning service. Doing so should drop the cost of your carpet cleaning so much you could schedule it twice a year. By maintaining your carpet you will have a much cleaner and better atmosphere at home. Moreover, studying would become much more pleasant in a clean environment.

Carpet Cleaning Irvine and UCI Carpet Cleaning Specials.

Dr. Carpet has two teams working on carpet cleaning in Irvine. One is mainly dedicated for UCI, the other for all Irvine residents and customers. Dr. Carpet Irvine and Dr. Carpet UCI are the leading carpet cleaning services in Irvine. Over the years we have improved our logistics, therefore, we are able to help more of our customers every day. In addition, an important factor of our carpet cleaning service is the same day carpet cleaning service in Orange County that we offer. that means that in Irvine as well we offer same day carpet cleaning service. For more information about our UCI carpet cleaning specials please contact us.

Upholstery Cleaning Specials.

Of course a big service for all UCI students, faculty and staff in your upholstery cleaning needs. That includes all of your couches and sectional sofas. We believe that the highest return on investment with couches is in college. The hours spent on them every day justifies the purchase. However, with time the heavy usage take a toll on your couch. In addition, many of you buy used couches with previous people sweat and dirt on them. Therefore, we strongly recommend to schedule our upholstery cleaning specials for your couch cleaning needs.

Mattress Cleaning Specials For UCI  Customers.

In a very similar fashion to upholstery cleaning, mattress cleaning is another service at high demand. Many of you buy used mattresses, or just find the need to clean some stains off your mattress. We have what it takes to give you a piece of mind about your mattress. We can disinfect your mattress with anti bacterial agents in order for you to enjoy your sleep odorless and without bacteria.contact Dr. Carpet Irvine for more information about the current UCI carpet cleaning specials.