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Our Carpet Cleaning Service 5+1 step procedure.

Over the years we have developed a 5+1 step carpet cleaning proof procedure. Following the carefully chosen method helps us provide you with better odds of success. Whether we are called for a carpet cleaning service or upholstery cleaning service, we follow our successful protocol for you best results. Carpet cleaning starts from a good understanding of what is in front of us. Then having the knowledge to approach the issue with the corresponding measures. In order to give you the best carpet cleaning service and helping you keep your carpet for much longer.

Carpet Cleaning Service Guarantee

Dr. Carpet Irvine gives all our clients a 14-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not
totally satisfied, we will re-clean your carpets free of charge. We believe in our service and in our product. Also, we believe in you. Therefore, we do our best every time we come to clean your carpet and we do not come back often


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Residential Carpet Cleaning

Our home is where our heart is, therefore, keeping a clean environment around the house for our loved ones is a top priority. Dr. Carpet Irvine will make sure your home is clean and safe. By using our 5+1 carpet cleaning method we will ensure the best carpet cleaning results, or else, we will come back free of charge. We do our best in order to help you clean you carpet as soon as you will. Please use us when you believe its the right time for carpet cleaning.

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Dr. Carpet has over 10 years of experience in keeping your working environment clean and fresh for the employees and your clients. A clean working environment is known to be more productive altogether. Therefore, we strongly advise to schedule a maintenance meeting with one of our specialists in order to have a recommended carpet cleaning plan.

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Carpet Cleaning FAQ

Here you will see some questions that are asked by our customers. We love to answer questions as it improves our knowledge as well. If you don't see what you're looking for, feel free to reach out to us. We will elaborate on each carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning case. Also, we will try to advise you in details about the recommended procedure. We do our best to help you get what you need.

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Schedule a service by contacting us today. We offer same day carpet cleaning service around Orange County. Please, let us know what kind of service you are looking for, and we will get back to you ASAP.

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Carpet manufacturers have specific instruction for enjoying the life of their carpet to the max when buying a new carpet. HERE you may find more information directly from the carpet manufacturer, take a close read and get the most out of your carpet purchase. Just like your cars, the carpet is used daily and therefore needs constant care and attention. Therefore, we have developed our 5+1 carpet cleaning method that is dirt proof. We will make sure your carpet is as clean as it ever been.


Dr. Carpet Irvine Uses Only Hot Water Extraction in Our Carpet Cleaning Services

For achieving the best results in any cleaning procedure one must take into consideration the triangle formula. This formula is composed
of 3 main variables that will affect any cleaning to get best results.

1. Carpet Cleaning Product - Solvent - Treatment

2. Agitation - Scrubbing

3. Heat - Steam - Temperature

When correctly applying these 3 factors into the carpet cleaning service, the results are easily shown. The only way to reach the correct application of these 3 factors is by using EXPERIENCE. Yes, simply carpet cleaning experience.


Using a high pressure steam (235 degrees) and a strong extraction all together with our special safe yet potent products will ensure the carpet cleaning job achieves maximum results.

By using the right products and correct method recommended by carpet manufacturers, Dr. Carpet Irvine leaves no residue on your carpet like many other carpet cleaning companies do.

We, at Dr. Carpet Irvine, have the most up to date equipment and methods which are a head of the curb, so we can provide the safes and best carpet cleaning results serving our customers around Irvine and Orange County.


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Welcome to Dr. Carpet, a carpet cleaning company established in 2007 and since then became a part of many communities around. Our secret is using highly trained carpet cleaning technicians that become part of our family and serving our customers with a smile and great delight. With hundreds of your positive reviews and support, we keep on growing in numbers and knowledge. All to be able to serve you better.

Our process is pet friendly and child safe for the comfort of the dwellings. We use enzyme products and citrus based solvents in order to give our customers the best carpet cleaning experience. We make sure no residue is left behind to accumulate dirt and bacteria.

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We apply the right green carpet cleaning products to the correct troubled areas on the carpet.