Are you looking for the best carpet cleaning service around you?

Well, you do not have to look any further, Dr. Carpet Irvine is the best carpet cleaning service around. With thousands of happy customers around Orange County for the past decade, you get the best carpet cleaning service around. In addition, you can find great carpet cleaning coupons to make our services affordable for anyone who really needs a professional carpet cleaner.

What really makes us the best carpet cleaning service around?

It takes countless hours and lots of practice in order to reach a true professional level at any industry. Dr. Carpet Irvine has served carpet cleaning in Irvine and around Orange County for well over 10 years. Also, we are able to reach several thousands of customers every year. Therefore, over the years we have really seen many circumstances for your carpet cleaning needs. That really helps us to predict better how to approach a difficult job when we first see it.In addition, using the right products is also a key factor in achieving the best carpet cleaning results. However, we have really found that when it comes to products, using a generous amount of product where needed is really what makes the difference. Going over with the steam over a troubled area would not help it get much cleaner for the most part. Yet, approaching it with the correct corrresponding carpet cleaning spotter and apply it just enough to make sure the stain will be removed and not come back.

Another reason we were chosen the best carpet cleaning service around.

We are pushing strongly every day for top of the line customer service. And what does that really mean? Well, of course it means that we do what we love and we meet and greet our customers with a smile. Moreover, the most important factor for a true customer service oriented company is taking responsibility for the work.Yes, we are not perfect. We are very comportable admitting that rarely we do  get a call from a customer that wishes us to return and go over a certain area. We would come out as soon as we can in this case. We understand that this practice is what gives you, our valued customer, the piece of mind to use us over again.For more information about the best carpet cleaning service around, please contact us today.