Dryer vent cleaning in Irvine, CA.

Every time we come across a dryer vent cleaning job, it offers a great story. The houses around Orange County range from very old construction to a new construction in the Portola Hills and Shady Canyon areas.Nevertheless, dryer vent cleaning in Irvine, CA, or anywhere else is a service that needs immediate attention. Imagine loads of clothes waiting to be washed and then dried. However, you can not use the dryer due to a clogged dryer vent. Moreover, the clogged dryer vent is a dangerous situation and could cause fire. But first, we will discuss the issue of not being able to dry your clothes.Piles of shirts and pants are accumulating, and what can you do? Well, it is very simple, you call us for dryer vent cleaning. Then, we come over same day in order to help you move along with your daily chores.

Unclogging a vent with our dryer vent cleaning in Irvine, CA.

So, what is it exactly that we do in order to clean your dryer vent? Our tactics vary depending on the specific scenario. In some cases your dryer vent could run underneath the house. In these cases it could be clogged due to sitting water. Therefore, we would have to suck out the water and remove the mud from the dryer vent. That way we can keep the air flow in a safe manner.Moreover, some dryer vents run through the roof, or just have a long trip from your dryer all the way outside. Some dryer vents could reach to 30 ln ft and more. Therefore, we would have to approach the cleaning and clean the dryer vent from both sides.Also, in some cases the built up lint is so stubborn that it would not just be vacuumed and pulled out. For these cases we use a spinning brush and sucktion in order to agitate and remove the debree from the inside of the dryer vent.

Dryer vent cleaning in Irvine, CA, will keep your home safe.

A clogged dryer vent is a hazardous situation. You dryer vent is plugged into the electricity and gets heated up with no outlet for the hot air. Then it could potentially overheat and start fire that would easily catch on the lint that is clogging the dryer vent. Therefore, calling for immediate dryer vent cleaning in Irvine, CA, or anywhere around Orange County is a smart and important decision.For more information about our dryer vent cleaning in Irvine, CA, please contact Dr. Carpet Irvine