Irvine dryer vent cleaning experts will unclogg you vent.

Some dryer vents are easier to clean than others. However, the dryer vents that are tough to clean take a true expert to work them. You may ask why? Well, here are a few examples as to why dryer vent cleaning is so difficult to work.  We can start with an immediate example of a recent Irvine dryer vent cleaning job we were called to over the weekend.

Tough angle – Irvine dryer vent cleaning challenge.

A very long stretch of dryer vent was facing us on a recent Irvine dryer vent cleaning job. Moreover, the dryer vent had about 7-8 feet stretch from the machine in to the wall. From there on it angles at 90 degrees towards the outside of the garage. However, after the 90 degree angle, the stretch of the dryer vent was roughly 12 feet long. Therefore, we were very limited with our approach to attempt and unclogg the dryer vent.Typically we find the angles to hold the main issue of the blockage of your dryer vent. So, in some cases we have to take apart the dryer vent and clear the lengths of it individually.In addition, we had incidents where the angle was facing upwards. Then when we got in with our strong suction we removed many gallons of water.

Irvine dryer vent cleaning along with air duct cleaning.

It is important for us to emphasize the need for periodical air duct cleaning along with your dryer vent cleaning. The both do not have a need too often. Therefore, over the years we have realized that a great rull of thumb would be to run a check on the air duct system while we are at your home servicing your dryer vent. And of course we do the same vice versa.For more information about the Irvine dryer vent cleaning experts, please contact Dr. Carpet Irvine.