Upholstery Cleaning Orange County

When Would You Need A Green Upholstery Cleaning?

How often do you want to just go lay down on you comfy sofa? you are having a tough day at work, and all you can think about is a cold beverage on a large couch. Lucky for you, upholstery cleaning is one of Dr. Carpet Irvine’s specialties. We have mastered the service of upholstery cleaning. Our job is to make sure that the next time you sit or lay on your couch, you would love it. It does not matter to us how old the sofa is. I addition, we love to approach a heavily used sofa that smells and feels like sweat. We have the best green upholstery cleaning solutions for you.

Upholstery Cleaning For a Longer Life Of the Sofa.

You have invested so much time and money in buying the best sofa for your home. it matches the colors and choreography of the room. Also, you made sure that the sofa is so comfortable, that you guests would love it as well. However, the more comfortable the sofa is, the more it used. Therefore, after a while using the sofa, or that big lovely sectional couch, it gets dirty and worn. So, What do you do now? you still want to enjoy this lovely sofa and return the amazing colors to it. Now would be the best time for you to contact Dr Carpet Irvine. Orange County carpet cleaning leading company, a company that uses green carpet cleaning products.

How Do We Solve Your Problem?

Now that you have searched for green carpet cleaning company in Orange County, and you have called us, you wait. However, you would not wait long, we offer a same day carpet cleaning service or upholstery cleaning service. Therefore, if you are on a time budget, we got you covered. We will spot treat you upholstery with the best green upholstery cleaning products. Moreover, we will utilize our top of the line steam cleaning machines to complete the job. We will reach as deep into you couch as possible, and will restore the life and freshness to it.

Moreover, we offer green carpet cleaning, mattress cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and carpet repair service. For any of your problems, we offer a same day service at affordable prices.

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